Responding to the global trends

The global trends of climate change and digitalization are shaping the maritime industry. To ensure that the port of Houston meets the challenges of tomorrow and remains the economic engine for the state of Texas, the GHPB and PortXchange have launched the Smart Port of Houston initiative. 

This initiative builds upon a successful trial of PortXchange Synchronizer platform started in 2020. Synchronizer provides scheduling transparency to all parties involved in maritime commerce through data-sharing to decrease port turnaround time, increase efficiency of port calls, and reduce CO2 emissions. 

In 2022, in partnership with the GHPB, PortXchange has launched PilotTracker, the next-generation platform for real-time pilot scheduling and vessel movement information.

Both applications lay a strong foundation for the digital transformation of the Houston Ship Channel complex and its more than 200 public and private terminals.


Our main principles


We strongly believe that collaboration is a real game-changer in the maritime industry. That’s why we invite every stakeholder to co-create the solutions with us, and influence the digital transformation of the port.


Digitalization is inevitable, but it could be challenging to adjust to the changing world. We make sure to bring right technologies closer to you and help you navigate this change.


We all have to play our role in shipping decarbonization. With every new project, we aim to support more sustainable growth of the port of Houston.



PortXchange is one of the leading tech startups in the maritime domain that originates in the Port of Rotterdam. Established in 2019 as an independent organization, PortXchange provides trade-agnostic, digital solutions to optimize operations and reduce emissions from the shipping industry. After successful implementation in Rotterdam, PortXchange was launched in the ports of Algeciras, Felixstowe, Moerdijk, and Houston.


The Greater Houston Port Bureau

The Greater Houston Port Bureau is a member-driven, non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting commerce and cooperation in the nation’s largest port for the foreign waterborne tonnage and the largest petrochemical complex in the U.S.  The Port Bureau also operates as the Marine Exchange of Texas, providing members with vessel movement reports, port information, and data for Texas deep-draft ports.